Simple wisdom: Costs of the data

While being at eMetrics 2014 a speaker told a great yet simple idea we often tend to forget: While doing AB experiment, the results, the data we get in the end is just an artifact. What we are interested in is the observations we do and the actions we can do based on these observations. The data […]

Tip: Dates matter

Imagine, you are trying to understand what engages user the most, so user decide to upgrade from a free / trial version of your SaaS to a paid version. You decide to dig up your database to find what kind of assets have user created. The database is invaluable source of information about your clients. […]

What is it all about?

Quite a few people asked me “What is your blog about? What is that you want to tell everyone?” Well, honestly, the answer is simple – I don’t know 🙂 No, but really. I don’t have such a fantastic “know-hows” or some great knowledge that might be useful for all people of the Universe, but […]